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Online firmware compiler by IZ8GUR & IZ8JWP

ADF7021 support:
Enable full duplex support with dual ADF7021 (valid for homebrew hotspots only):

I2C host address:
Enable mode detection:
Send RSSI Value:

Enable Nextion LCD serial port repeater on USART1 (Do not use with STM32_USART1_HOST enabled):
Enable P25 Wide modulation:
Disable mode LEDs blink during scan mode:

Use the YSF and P25 LEDs for NXDN:
Use the D-Star and P25 LEDs for M17:
Use the D-Star and DMR LEDs for POCSAG:
Enable for RPi 3B+, USB mode:
Enable modem debug messages:
Disable frequency bands check:
Disable frequency restrictions (satellite, ISS, etc):
Enable UDID feature: